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Lots of companies can mail stuff for you.

But that's all they do. Visit the web site of a typical service provider and you'll see lists of all sorts of equipment and software designed to manipulate printed material, slap an address on it, and get it out the door.
We can do all that too. However we don't think that goes far enough. The facts tell us that the marketing world has changed. The old methods of printing a bazillion pieces and mailing identical messages out to every barely-qualified address in a zip code are still being used; and they still generate that 1% - 2% response rate.

For organizations that see things a little differently, and maybe want to achieve a better result, we offer some alternative approaches.

Our multi-channel capabilities allow us to help you decide which of the methods that are at your disposal today: email, text, web, social media, mobile, or direct mail - are the best ways to reach your audience.
Instead of simply mailing one-off postcards or sales letters, our Project Managers work directly with our customers to develop a strategy that takes a modern, long-term approach to brand awareness, lead nurturing, cross-selling, and customer retention.

Need a direct mail piece that drives prospects to customized landing pages? We can do that!

Want to reach the mobile-centric portion of your audience? No problem!

Have a dynamite premium to reward customers or prospects for taking a specific action? We'll get it to them!

Take a look around our site to learn how multi-channel marketing combined with our expertise at creating and distributing messages through the mail and handling on-demand fulfillment can make a difference in the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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PH: 817-701-1390 • EMAIL: sales@1cbs.com • 401 Exchange Drive • Arlington, Texas 76011